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Halifax Wait For Me Premiere

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The Square Chapel Centre located in Halifax, West Yorkshire will be premiering the new Wait For Me Film on the 31st of May 2023. Not only is this a premiere for the film but there will be a Q&A with the director, producer, writer and cast members. The doors for this Premiere will open at 5:45 pm, with a finish time 20:45. You can now buy your tickets for this screening here. 

This special premiere and Q&A screening held at the Square Chapel Centre in Halifax will be held in their Copper Auditorium, which seats just under 100 people and is used to show most of their cinema screenings. This stunning cinema space uses the highest quality projector and 5.1 digital sound. This space sits within the new part of the building called the copper box, hence the name of the auditorium. 

The Wait For Me film is about a girl named Alison who is shackled to a life of crime and desperately seeks a way out. Sam, a troubled man with a dark past, introduces her to a different way of life. Alison sets out on the road in an effort to find the child she and her sister Karen left behind. To shield her family from the transgressions of her past, Alison recognises that she must confront her pimp Max as her demons begin to return to haunt her.

Wait For Me has been filmed in many different locations such as Cleethorpes and Grimsby, however, some of the film has also been shot right in the heart of Halifax itself. 

During the Q&A you will have the chance to ask Keith Farrel (director), Thea Burrows (producer), Berndal O’Toole (writer) and some of the cast any questions you may have about the film. Some cast members that could be in attendance are Karen Hassan, Aaron Cobham, Sean McGinley, Neil Bell, Elva Trill, Rebecca Atkinson and Theo Ogundipe.

There are a number of other Premiere and Q&A Screenings located all around the UK and Ireland, along with general screenings for people to enjoy the film. Visit our ‘Where to see It’ page to discover all the Wait For Me screenings. 

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