“A poignant tale about determination and facing your demons”Matt Looker, Total Film

A new film by Keith Farrell

Wait For Me

Two outsiders trapped by the criminal underworld, try to escape and create a new life to replace the families both have lost.  Set in the north of England, Wait for Me is a contemporary drama about courage, loss and parenthood, directed by Keith Farrell and written by Bernard O’Toole. 

The Plot

Alison is no ‘girl-next-door’. Dragged into a life of crime after arriving in England from Ireland, she ends up working with Max, a small-time gangster. Max has a fixation with Alison, which is the only reason why she isn’t in prison… or dead.

When she meets Sam, a damaged man trying to move beyond his troubled past, he opens Alison’s eyes to the fact that life can be a beautiful thing if you meet it halfway. She comes to a stark realisation: If she doesn’t make some changes, she might not have long left in this world.

They both hit the road before Max has a chance to stop them. Alison goes looking for the child she abandoned with her sister Karen, years earlier. Sam tries his hardest to keep his demons at bay, long enough to hope she can turn a corner and make a change.

Plagued by regret Alison needs to right some wrongs from her former criminal life and reconnect with her lost child, Ruby. However, her demons come back to haunt her, as Max comes in search of her but ends up kidnapping Sam.

Alison realises that to be truly free she must confront Max to protect Karen & Ruby from the sins of her past.

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