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Director Keith Farrell Talks About The Challenges of Making Films In the North West

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Keith Farrell, the director of “Wait For Me,” recently sat down for an interview with Raindance to discuss the challenges of making films in the North West.

During the interview, they explored several questions, including Keith’s motivations for working in the film industry and how his journalism background influenced his filmmaking career.

The conversation then turned to “Wait For Me,” which earned accolades at the Manchester Film Festival, with Keith himself winning the Best Director award. The film portrays the struggles of two outsiders caught in the criminal underworld, desperately attempting to break free and start anew.

The interview delved into why Keith chose this particular storyline to direct and what aspects of it appealed to him. They also discussed the casting process and Keith’s involvement in selecting the cast, which included talented individuals like Karen Hassan, Aaron Cobham, Sean Mcginley, and Neil Bell. Keith shared insights into the audition process, where all the actors needed to master a Northern accent, as the film was set in North England.

Another topic of discussion was the challenges of filming in the North of the UK. Keith highlighted the lack of support from outside the region, pointing out that 70% of production companies are based in London, making it difficult for emerging producers and production companies in the Northwest to find support.

Reflecting on independent filmmaking, Keith expressed his passion for telling unique stories that might not make it to the big screens. He values the opportunity to showcase smaller films like “Wait For Me” in independent cinemas throughout the North of England.

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