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Characters In Wait For Me

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Character Profile: Alison

ALISON is no girl next door. Tough as nails, she has found herself in some hard times. She is indebted and turning tricks for Max, a nasty crime boss who runs prostitution rackets. While Alison is victimised, she is not a victim. She doesn’t let anyone in and is happy to appear hard hearted to the world. However, deep down she is lost and seeking redemption. Alison is played by the brilliant Karen Hassan, who balances the tough with the vulnerable, expertly portraying our anti-heroine.

Character Profile: Sam

SAM, a damaged man with a troubled past.  When we first meet Sam, he is wracked by grief and anxiety has closed himself off to the world. In spite of everything that has happened to him, he is an optimist, who believes that life can be a beautiful thing if you meet it half way.  He uses photography as a means to process and deal with life, hiding behind his camera. He is a creative person, driven by a desire to take the perfect photograph. Sam is played by Aaron Cobham, who masters Sam’s difficult emotional journey in Wait For Me.

Character Profile: Ged

On first impressions, you’d be forgiven for mistaking Alison’s father for a loveable rogue, but it doesn’t take long to realise that you are dealing with an evil man. Right and wrong do not come into question if it serves Ged’s own interests – almost all of which involve quenching his thirst for illegal substances. Having been run out of Ireland, Ged now relies on Max’s protection in exchange for his participation in riskier endeavours, and more importantly – keeping tabs on Alison. Actor Sean McGinley puts in a riveting performance as Ged, captivating in every scene he’s in.

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