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Behind The Scenes of Wait For Me

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Camera Test

Before filming started, we tested our camera – the Sony Venice – with DOP Mike Staniforth and Focus Puller Luis Zarzo. We wanted to make sure it was the right camera for what we needed to capture, and test some lighting options with paint colours. Production Designer Olga Skumial was on hand with paint samples to do this. All camera gear came from Promotion Hire who couldn’t have been more helpful and accommodating.

Tech Reece

A few weeks before filming started, we got the HOD’s together to tech recce all the locations for Wait For Me. This means we visited all the confirmed locations and each department could plan what they need to facilitate the shoot. Our brilliant location manager Paul Coverdale organised and coordinated this

Production Office

The production office was our home for 3 weeks leading up to the shoot and our Unit base throughout. Based out of Dean Clough Mills in Halifax, Fletchers Mill quickly became filled with crew, cast, costumes and props. The space was shared with some very talented artists who were a pleasure to work alongside, and the whole team at Dean Clough Mills went above and beyond to help us.


On a sunny day in Halifax, photographer Percy Dean took some beautiful photos of actress Rebecca Atkinson who plays the character of Lisa in Wait For Me. These photos were then used to dress the set, in the location where Lisa and Sam live. Part of the storyline involves Sam being a photographer and Lisa being his muse, so these photos were used to illustrate that in the production design.


Mike Staniforth worked closely with our brilliant lighting team, led by Jono at Reflectric. This diagram shows the hidden set up, using reflectors to light the scene. This way of lighting allows for more control and uses less power. A great looking film AND a lower environmental impact!

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