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‘Manchester-based production company is selected in film festival line-up’

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Following the launch of the film at the Manchester film festival, the Wait For Me Film has now been covered in this article by Mancunian Matters. ‘Manchester-based production company is selected in film festival line-up’

The article states that Old Hall Films will have Wait For Me, their first feature film premiere running from March 10th to 19th at Maniff.  Old Hall films pride themselves on their Mancunian identity, which can be found at the heart of this production, even for the likes of Dublin-born Farrell. 

Wait For Me film tells the story of a girl named Alison, an Irish girl dragged into a life of crime. She then meets a damaged stranger called Sam who opens her eyes to life’s beautiful possibilities. 

The article then goes on to talk about how the film has been in the making for 4 years, so having Wait For Me selected by Maniff as its first debut is particularly special for everyone involved. 

The article also includes quotes from Keith Farrel the director of Wait For Me film, where he talks about the production and what went into the filmmaking process. 

“Even though the film was shot in Yorkshire, we are very much proud of being a Manchester-based filmmaker,” Farrell said. “It’s nice to have our film premiere in Manchester. It’s really lovely, a kind of nice synergy and beginning story to our journey.”

“Filmmaking is a collaborative process and people don’t realise how much goes into filmmaking and every person involved in that crew has a really important role to play,”

Keith then goes on to talk about how delighted he feels about getting into Maniff to be able to showcase the film not just to the general public, but to everyone in the production of the film who helped make it happen. 

Wait For Me premieres at Odeon Great Northern for Manchester Film Festival on March 11.

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